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Well the blog has undergone a bit of a revamp.  I suppose it was time to give it an update and a fresh look but I sure to wish it was less traumatic!  You can find all my old posts and keep up-to-date on the new ones at the new page by simply clicking the "Blog" tab at the top of this webpage  OR at the new address: 
The blog is my personal one and represents my own views and opinions on various subjects.  I blog on a variety of subjects but please know that these topical discussions are not meant to replace mental health or career counseling.  If you want to use a blog post on your own website please contact me with a permission request and a link.  You will find all kinds of glorious randomness on the, current events, local happening, Clint-stories, mental health/psychology discussions, religion discussions, and whatever else is crossing my mind at the moment.

Current Blog topic
I have been working to link physical fitness with some mental health topics lately so this is featured in the recent blog posts as well as highlighting some local races.
MBTI/Self Knowledge series
Self-knowledge and utilizing personality strengths is some of the most important steps a person can take toward obtaining a more satisfying career and also to strengthen relational skills.  I have developed a presentation relying specifically on two letter codes in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help individuals and groups in this important process.  Please contact me to get more info. 

Calendar/Upcoming events
I work as the Director of Domestic Programming for Feed the Children whose corporate offices are in Oklahoma City.  If you want to help some of our efforts please check out 

I think you will find that the work we our doing is worth supporting!

Have a topic that you want to talk about?  Twitter is the perfect opportunity!  You can find me on twitter:
Feel free to message me about subject that might be on your mind, or questions you might have about the counseling field.

New Adventure: want to run a race but don't want the hassle of the crowds, registration, and travel? Check out